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Italmond Materials


For Italmond the right material is more than a matter of choice, it is a process of creative selection much like the artist’s choice of paint on canvas. Tasteful and masterful selections fundamentally define a complete work of art, so Italmond Furniture is dressed in only the finest materials. Then each piece is expertly crafted to glorify and accentuate a lasting beauty that resonates with originality and radiates with opulence. Italmond provides designers and decorators a broad yet distinctive palette through an exquisite range of luxurious leathers and wood finishes. But the breadth of Italmond’s work is not limited to just those options, because Italmond understands that a high-end commercial or residential design project must adhere to strict specifications, harmonious coordination, and a unified scheme. We are therefore capable of manufacturing furniture with any selected material – based on the individual designer’s exacting preferences and unique needs. Select from any of our fine materials or provide your own recommendations for unlimited possibilities and outcomes that indulge the senses, inspire the imagination, and accomplish the extraordinary.

COM: Customer’s Own Material

COL: Customer’s Own Leather

Custom Color Matching


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See our complete selection