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Italmond Furniture has a long and legendary history of providing high quality furnishings to the hospitality trades. We excel when it comes to meeting the needs of designers engaged in creatively challenging and professionally demanding hospitality and contract work.

Italmond is your complete resource, whether you need a special order for a unique project, furniture designs tailored to harmonize with one-of-a-kind architectural features, or custom-crafted and beautifully durable guest room furnishings. From the drawing board and design phase to the selection of first class materials and finishes and the final process of precision manufacturing, Italmond ensures superior results.

Bring us your exacting specifications and custom ideas and let us execute them with exceptional attention to detail, masterful skill and workmanship, and strict adherence to deadlines and other critical project parameters. For generations Italmond has specialized in satisfying the aesthetic, brand image, and budgetary needs of a discriminating commercial clientele and we are here to serve you from start to finish.